Specialized Air Transportation

Provide customers with unique and specialized capabilities to support operations in austere and remote locations with minimal infrastructure and support services.

Sensor Testing & Evaluation

TAS provides support to customers Technical & Scientific testing and evaluation requirements with configurable platforms and trained/experienced flight crew and maintenance teams.

Aerial Survey & Delivery

Unique capability to support customers with aerial delivery of supplies and equipment in remote locations.

U.S. Government Support

TAS provides aviation support and expertise for United States Government (USG) as well as private sector organizations to include:

  • Specialized air services
  • Training
  • Exercises
  • Aerial Delivery
  • Short Takeoff & Landing (STOL) capability
  • Forward Area Refueling (FARP) delivering fuel to remote and austere locations
  • Sensor (ISR) support for USG testing and operations
  • Imagery support using state of the art Electro Optical Infrared (EO/IR) sensors